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IT Support

IT Support

Many things impact you from doing your work. If you are feeling unwell you take time out or go see your Doctor, Your IT is no different, in regard to needing specialist attention from time to time.

ITJedi Limited are your Specialist IT Support that you can call on when any IT issue arises.

We are here to help, we will listen to your issue and find a solution that fixes it before it becomes a problem, we will talk to you in a language you understand, and most times we can fix your issue remotely, either over the phone or remoting in to your computer.  Alternatively, we can come to your location and resolve the issue.

You may have an existing IT department or a Managed Service Provider that you cannot reach, or your business might be so small you have not even thought of this support.  It does not matter who you are or what you do, we are here to help you get back up and running as quick as possible.  We can fix your current issue and provide you an audit on your current IT setup, so you are aware of any potential issues and nip these in the bud before they slow you down.

Our most recent calls followed along the lines of…

I am having trouble logging in.

My connection seems slower than usual.

My applications are not opening correctly.

I am having difficulties with my emails.

I am having trouble with my remote login at home.

I need help with my website (Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Wix etc).

I need help with something technical.

If the above seems familiar or if you have any other IT issues that are stopping you or slowing your work down, we are just a phone call away.


Our Kiwi team of Technicians will understand your IT issues and work out a plan to resolve it in a way you understand, without the Techno jargon.

Get in touch and we can get you back up and running ASAP.

We can provide onsite and/or remote support for you right now.

Contact Us Now

  • Please help me right now

  • $0/mo
  • My issue is stopping me getting any work done

    I have an issue that needs looking at ASAP

    I may have downloaded something incorrectly

  • I am interested in ongoing IT support and protection

  • $0/mo
  • It may include 24/7 support

    I would really like regular Anti-Virus updates

    I am not sure if I need regular Data and System Back ups

    I may be interested in Ransomware protection