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Managed IT Services

Get an IT Department without paying for an IT Department.

As technology changes and businesses grow, now may be the time you start to look at outsourcing your IT infrastructure (computers, servers and networks and support) to a Managed Service Provider.

This is where ITJedi can help.  We are skilled at setting up the IT needs and supporting SMBs as they grow, your success is our success, and the best way we can support you cover you for what you have right now, when you grow we can scale to the size of your business.You end up with a Virtual IT department that is just a phone call or email away.  Saving you thousands each month.  On top of this we are proactive with our monitoring and updates, so you do not have to worry about the IT side of your business, just focus on your core business.

We can have regular catch ups if you desire and discuss what is going on and why it’s important.

When you chose ITJedi as your Managed Services Provider, we take responsibility of the following:

24/7 Monitoring – ITJedi uses world-class facilities to make sure you have the best remote monitoring available.  We can identify and patch before you even notice your network is slowing down.

24/7 Support – Whether you are working from home late at night or in the office early in the morning and you need us, we are just a phone call/email away, we are here to help.

Anti-Virus & Security Software – Protect yourself from SPAM, Phishing, Malware, Ransomware and Hacking with the latest Anti-virus and Security Software.  We take this very seriously, using world leading technology and keep you updated to provide you with peace of mind.

Backup – whether you want your back up hourly, daily or weekly, its up to you, We only use world-class services that encrypt your data when we back up and keep it encrypted unto you need to access it. You are the only person with the encryption key.

Rapid response time – being 24/7 on both Monitoring and support, we are there to get you back up and running ASAP.  If we cannot fix the issue remotely, we have technicians on standby to deploy immediately.

Friendly Staff on the Phone & Onsite – No matter who you deal with at ITJedi, we listen first and understand the problem before we advise of a solution, we pride ourselves in our professional and caring approach. Our Kiwi team are here to help.

No Tech Speak – In a world on Acronyms and technical language, we keep you informed on a level you understand, not only explaining what we are doing, but more importantly why we are doing this to benefit you and your system.


Some recent IT Support requests we have had…
What are Managed IT Services? What is a Helpdesk?

Most businesses are too small to have an IT department, but realise they need these services, this is where ITJedi comes in, we can be your Virtual IT Department, we can look after the day to day monitoring and management of your IT network and devices, we can keep you protected with the latest Anti-virus software, and make sure all your devices and servers are running at their optimal levels, this will ensure your staff do not lose time with slow computers or network down issues. In the event of something happening, we have a 24/7 managed support line, and can remotely login and see what’s going on, reducing the down time and saving your business money, letting you get back to running your business.

Do I need to get managed services?

Are you reliant on technology? Is your business growing? Do you lack an IT department or staff sufficiently in the knowDo you have staff in various locations? Are you worried about the cost of business if your systems go down? Are you worried about hacking or viruses? If you answer Yes to any one of these, thelet’s have a coffee and chat. If you are unsure, lets have a chat and understand where you are at and if we can help you with the next phase’.  There is no obligation in signing up with us if we collective decide you are not ready.

Will they speak in a techno language I cannot understand?

We love translating the terminology of our industry into speak that you can understand, it’s about keeping you informed, and advising you on why these services are important to you and your business.  Knowledge is strength, no smoke and mirrors.

Who will take care of my IT stuff?

Leave it to us, we can walk you through the whole process from reviewing your current set up, managing it, looking after new structure and hardware when onboarding new staff.  S/W and Antivirus Updates, along with 24/7 monitoring of all your key devices and servers to make sure everything is running

What is the cost?

This is all dependant on what is required, the best part is that it will be considerably cheaper than having a full time IT manager

Is this the necessary evil?

Not at all.  With a lot of businesses now reliant on technology, this service is a safeguard to keep things functioning at optimal levels, we will protect your business from cyber-attacks, much like an alarm or insurance policy at home.

What service do I get? 

This can vary however most of our clients take up a 24/7 Monitoring and Service desk option. Our Technicians are based in Auckland and speak to you in your language

Why is my network down? Why is my computer running slow?

Any number of things could be going on here, having a preventative plan in place with 24/7 monitoring will allow you peace of mind and reduce to likelihood of these issues happening.

What’s important to me? Do I need all the services?

Not all businesses are created equally.  We sit with you and understand your business first and foremost, what you currently have, and what you will need in the future, we then tailor a solution that fits in with your growth and budget plans.

Is this a specialised service, do I really need it?

Much like a Plumber is different to an electrician, we focus on your IT requirements, we are not here to talk about your Accounting or Sales process.  Although we offer other services (Office 365Web Development and Hosting, Business Internet, VOIP and Security Surveillance), we stick to the technology side and delivering what you need for now and a scalability plan for the future.

We have a new staff member starting next week, we need a laptop, and everything loaded for them so they can hit the ground running, can you sort this?

Absolutely, we will turn around a quote for the device based on your requirements quickly and have a technician onsite to finish off the set up, which can include Email, Server access and various Software installs required for them before they start on day one.  Obviously, the more notice the better.