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Internet – Broadband

ITJedi’s Internet Connections benefit from extremely low contention ratios, high levels of support and a focus on quality that small to medium sized business will see immediate benefits from.

Broadband – Copper

Broadband over Copper wire is the most cost efficient connection on offer to ITJedi customers.
Unlike other providers, we provide less contention on our ports. A standard provider that is not business focused may have a 200:1 contention or more which dramatically effects peak hour speeds and buffering times.
We combat these problems by arranging a custom data policy for all of our clients or offering a policy based on throughput with a 10 times better than typical contention ratio of only 1:20 and giving our premium our users a more reliable experience.
This removes almost all of the inherit risk of congestion and slow speeds often plaguing the broadband users.

*Note that VDSL is recommended where possible as there is only a minor increase in cost and a major increase in speeds. VDSL is also a great temporary connection while waiting for UFB installations.

ADSL2+ Stats

VDSL Stats